Material and method


Locally made with Ahimsa Silk and hand dyed with Indigo.



Silk is said to be the queen of natural fibers, is breathable and has the ability to regulate the body temperature. The organic and fair produced Ahimsa Silk is made without killing any silkworms through the process, unlike how conventional silk is made. ”Ahimsa” is a Sanskrit term, means ”Peace” and reflects the attitude of mankind towards animals and nature in many eastern cultures. The fabric is manufactured in India under fair, social conditions. Find out more about the production and Ahimsa Silk.



Indigo is probably most recognised for its magical blue pigment. It’s a plant that grows all over the world. The plants substance ”Indigotin” is responsible for the blue pigment of the dye and is also thought to have antiseptic properties and used as a medicinal plant in Ayurveda.



Cut and sewn locally in Gothenburg, Sweden.


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